Our Building Process

At Heritage Homes, we know that building the home of your dreams is an exciting time but we also know that it can be a bit overwhelming! Using our four+ decades of building knowledge, our controlled indoor environment and experienced craftsmen, we are able to provide a superior alternative to the traditional construction experience - guaranteeing that each home is as unique as its owner.

Because they say... "good things take time and great things take a little longer," we recommend starting your design process a year before your construction start date goal. This allows additional time to design and make changes to your plans, order and receive materials, and prepare your custom cabinets so that when you are ready, all the planning is done and we can get to work building your beautiful custom home. Size and features of your design will determine exact time frames.


With a total project budget in mind, contact Heritage Homes of Nebraska to be assigned your Authorized Heritage Builder. We all have dreams in mind when it comes to building a home, but we also all have budgets that can keep our dreams in check. A functional home that offers the amenities your family needs will ensure a happy home. Having your budget set and your needs and desires in mind, meet with your local Heritage Authorized Builder to reach a home plan that will best serve you. Your builder will use budgets and home features to help sketch or design a plan customized for you. This concept drawing will allow your builder to give you budgetary pricing on your plan in quick turnaround time. This is a major benefit of Heritage Homes. You may also want to tour our facility in Wayne or walk through one of our furnished models if possible, to see how we build and ensure Heritage is the builder for you. Time to order your plan and quote! This will be sent to Heritage for the drafting team to draw your custom plan.


Now it’s time to meet with your builder to go over your plans and pricing. You and your builder will meet to discuss your home design, complete with elevations, floorplans and suggested foundation plans as well as pricing. This will allow you to make any changes necessary to your design and features as well as have a plan to take to your lender. From these plans you will choose colors for your finish options for things such as floors, cabinets, countertops and exteriors. These, along with architectural plans and build documents signed, you are now ready to get your permanent financing in place and enter the schedule for Heritage to begin construction of your home.


Now that you have finalized plans and received a loan commitment from your lender, its time to double check that all of our ducks are in a row with a pre-construction meeting. Your builder will meet with you and any sub-contractors to set an expectation and rough schedule of work to be completed. With everyone on the same page its time to begin construction. Materials will be ordered for the home and it will be added to our production schedule. After making it’s way to the front of the production schedule your home will officially be on the production line, where it will begin its roughly 6 week trip through the facility. During this time, your builder will be having the foundation and any rough in plumbing and electrical work being done and ready for the home to arrive. While your home is under construction in our facility, we encourage you to come and check its progress. Photos will also be sent to your builder so they can keep you updated as your home progresses!


With your home completed in the factory and your foundation installed and back-filled, its time to deliver and set your home. This is typically scheduled for a soon as possible, but factors such as weather and site conditions can sometimes affect the timeline. When we do deliver the home, it is set onto the foundation and fastened permanently into place. Once the home is down, the roof is finished and dried in and the remaining work to the modular sections is completed. This includes setting doors, seaming carpet, drywall work, trim work and a possible many other finishing touches to button up the modular sections. Even though we now have a home sitting on a foundation in just a matter of weeks, the remaining construction of garages, porches, decks and installation of HVAC and finish work of plumbing and electrical still needs to take place. This is contracted by your Heritage Builder. The project can seem to slow down at this point, but with good site management will be completed quickly and efficiently as well (weather permitting).


When your project is nearing completion your Authorized Heritage Builder will conduct a final walk through to make any note of touch ups or unfinished work to be completed. They will schedule this work to be done and be ready to hand you the keys to your new home. Along with this final walk through comes a 1 year cosmetic warranty offered by your Authorized Builder who will touch up and repair things such as a dry wall cracks or a miter that may have opened up. These things can occur as your house settles into the foundation. You also have all of the manufacturers warranties and a 10 year structural warranty offered by Heritage Homes of Nebraska. Things that many builders just won’t offer.