It’s not only the product we build but the way we do business
that sets us apart from all the others.

Our History

What began in 1978 as Rod Tompkins’ goal of producing efficiently built, quality-constructed homes across a several state region and creating job opportunities for local tradespeople, led to thousands of homes built and has continued over four decades. Since then with two generations now among our leadership team – Dana Tompkins and Jon Meyer – the legacy of building beautifully crafted homes more efficiently and employing hundreds in our local town, Wayne, Nebraska continues.
We pride ourselves on quality construction, an efficient build system, and beautiful craftsmanship. Our single-family homes are built using our strong network of local builders and, as a trusted name among entrepreneurs and developers, we are expanding into multi-family construction. We are committed to providing an excellent experience for each and every one of our customers.

The Heritage Build System

There are three major advantages to the modular building system at Heritage Homes. First, we’ve simplified the construction process, taking us substantially less time to complete compared to others. Second, is our quality construction. Exceptional engineering design and specific material selections results in more than just good craftsmanship. Third, is value! We are confident you will get more house with your money. With over four decades of building knowledge, a controlled indoor environment and experienced craftsmen, we provide a superior alternative to the traditional construction experience – guaranteeing that each home is as unique as its owner.

Quality Construction Standards

We build to the I.R.C. specifications, like traditionally built homes, complying with state and municipal building codes. But unlike others, we benefit from a controlled system environment ensuring the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. You’re encouraged to tour our facility and model homes and witness all aspects of the home building process being completed and the level of craftsmanship and quality that you can expect. Every detail of the construction process is scrutinized, not only by our own Quality Assurance Department, but also by the Nebraska Public Service Commission Housing Department who inspect and certify each home during construction.

Firm Price Guarantee

When you buy a Heritage Home, you are making an investment that will benefit you for years to come. The other guys can talk about cost per square foot and even win sometimes. But they will rarely talk about value, and we promise that every time. By knowing costs up front, you decide where your money is best spent. Finally, few others will guarantee a FIRM PRICE that will not change unless you change it.

Simplified Build Process

Our build system requires substantially less time to complete compared to a conventionally built home. We are able to eliminate delays that occur with on-site construction from weather, subcontractors or material delivery. At Heritage Homes, we never wait on materials or for the plumber to get there. We benefit from being indoors, in a facility with skilled workers and precision tools like overhead cranes, fork lifts, cutoff saws, and pneumatic jigs. These all result in a more accurate build and not something you will see on a typical job site.

couple tours their home in the heritage homes factory

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