Custom Homes

Built for someone, not just anyone.

Since 1978, we've worked to simplify the custom home building experience
using our modular build system and trusted, local builders.

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How are Our Modular Homes Built

There are three major advantages to the modular custom home building system at Heritage Homes. First, it simplifies the construction process, taking substantially less time to complete. Second, is the quality of our construction. More than just good craftsmanship, our system includes exceptional engineering design and specific material selections. Third, is the value! We are confident that you will get more house for your money. With over four decades of building knowledge, a state-of-the-art facility and experienced craftsmen, we provide a superior alternative to the traditional custom home building experience.
Follow along with Dave as he takes you through our facility and explains how we are able to build in a timely manner, without weather delays and with minimum errors.