Steve Reeder with Dakota Land came to Heritage with the idea of the Dairy Suites housing development as a solution to the shortage of long term rentals in Granby, CO. He chose to build the development based on its location and economic activity. Steve pointed to the lack of employee housing for Granby Ranch operations specifically, as the majority of the development serves short-term rentals and second homes. “The Dairy Apartments development was intended to fill a void in the long-term rental market. One that has unsuccessfully been addressed in Granby since the development of Granby Ranch,” Reeder said. While the housing is not restricted to Granby Ranch employees, the company’s goal was to address that demand.

Year Built: 2019
Set Location: Granby, Colorado
Project Developer: Steve Reeder, Dakota Land
Units: 1 Studio | 11 One Bedroom Apartments


The apartment project houses 12 units — one studio and 11 one-bedroom apartments. Heritage Homes was tasked with including a full bathroom, kitchen, and washer and dryer in each unit. The high-end apartment complex was erected at the location of the old Meadow Gold Dairy, giving a name to the new housing development. Each unit was built offsite in Nebraska before being delivered to Grand County.

Each modular section was built off-site in Nebraska before being delivered to Grand County. A crane then lifted them into place, one by one to form the Dairy Apartments. About four hours after crews started, all of the units were in place, and workers spent the rest of the day putting on the roof and shingling it.

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