The Heritage Off-site Construction System has proven, over 41years, to be the most efficient way to build town homes and apartments.  Quality modular units built to our outstanding residential construction standards provides the best value to the investor, both short term and long term.  All of our multifamily designs are built to the Energy Star standards and the same quality standards as our homes except for the manufactured cabinets, rather than our custom built cabinets.

      All party walls are double walls – both insulated for sound dampening and fire suppression.  Sound attenuation between ceilings and upper floors is provided by the 2×6 ceiling joists and insulation, covered with 15/32 OSB with only perimeter bearing  points for the second floor 2×10 joists.

     Here are some of our favorite designs because of freight and installation. The larger the modular sections, the more economical to build.

Multifamily Plans

Duplex Plans

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