The Heritage Advantage

Here at Heritage Homes, we believe it's not only the product we build but the way we do business that differentiates us from all the others. We credit that philosophy and our process being the more efficient, enjoyable and hassle free way to build your home, earning us a reputation of being the best modular home builder serving the Central Midwest.

Design Flexibility

Available with a variety of custom features and amenities, our homes provide options to fit any want or need. These homes provide the solution for anyone looking for a more streamlined approach while still getting a completely custom home.

Simplified Process

With an entire team of dedicated professionals to make the process as smooth as possible, we are able to share floor plans, walk you through our factory and showroom all while discussing the options for customizing your home to suit your needs.

High Quality Standards

Our system being a controlled environment ensures the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. The Heritage Homes Building System incorporates hundreds of improved construction techniques over the conventional site-built home. Precision details are engineered into our construction system. By using the latest in building technology, you can be assured that every detail of the home construction process is scrutinized. All Heritage Homes are built to the same I.R.C. specifications as traditionally built houses, to comply with state and municipal building codes.

Guaranteed Firm Price

We believe when it comes to living, more is better. More value, more quality and more customization! This is why you will know what you are spending up front and where dollars can be best spent. When buying a Heritage Home, your making an investment that will benefit you for years to come. This system of home building guarantees the maximum efficiency and highest quality construction to deliver exceptional value to the homeowner.

Henry Ford didn't build Model Ts in his customers' driveways because it would have been too costly and inefficient. Instead, he built them in an assembly process with the right tools and where everyone knew their job and knew it well.