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    1. Percentage of income past year derived from:

    Home Building


    Real Estate

    Mobile Homes


    If your income is derived from “Other” please give details.

    2. Describe the area where you will begin operations, if approved

    3. What method do you intend to use to advertise your new business?

    4. What style of home will you build for your high traffic model home, if approved?

    5. If approved, are you prepared to take delivery of a high traffic model home within 90 days of approval

    6. Will you need financing for your new model, if approved?

    7. The number of Heritage Homes you believe you can sell and deliver in:

    First 3 months

    First 6 months

    First year

    8. What specific construction, marketing, real estate or other experience have you had that will help make you a successful Heritage Homes Builder?

    9. What market conditions currently exist that will help you achieve your goals?


    1. Number of building sites you own?

    2. Number of total sites controlled by you?

    3. Number of new homes built in your county last year?

    4. Number of homes you built last year?

    5. Do you have or will have access to a construction crew?

    6. Do you have salespeople other than yourself?

    7. What is the population in your county?

    Per capital income in your county?

    8. Are there high traffic sites for sale or lease in your intended city of operation?

    Number for sale:

    Number for lease:

    9 .What is the cost of the high traffic sites?

    Sale price:

    mo. Lease:

    10. Will you buy or lease your model site?

    11. Will you build spec homes in addition to your model?

    12. What is the typical improved home site cost in your area?

    13. What price range homes sell best (include home site)?

    14. Who will be your competition?

    Please give additional information to help us determine how well your company will fit into our Builder network.